Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Steps To Enable The Bluetooth On A Lenovo Laptop

Usually, Lenovo computers enable wireless service settings when FN-F5 is pressed. When you press the Lenovo Wireless Device settings your wireless settings will get enabled. However, there's an alternative if this function isn’t working. Interested readers can even take direct help by dialing the Lenovo helpline phone number Australia 1-800-894-139.

Step 1: Press Fn-F5 on the keyboard to allow the wireless settings to appear on the screen. Now, use your mouse cursor to choose ON to activate Bluetooth.

Step 2: Open PC settings from the Apps menu option and select PC and Devices for managing the Bluetooth device and settings.

Step 3: Click the highlight Bluetooth on the column appearing on the left side. Now wait until your PC searches for available Bluetooth devices. Ensure you have activated the Bluetooth visibility.

Step 4 :Click the device you wish to pair. Now enter the pairing code to display the paired devices.

Step 5: Alternatively, you can open the desktop and click Notifications/Bluetooth and display the menu of Bluetooth options.

Steps to troubleshoot Lenovo Bluetooth error

• Inspect to finalize that you have a Bluetooth button, which you need to turn on additionally to the   software menu setting.
• If your PC resumed from standby mode or it hibernated on its own, you may need to reactivate Bluetooth using the Fn-F5 keys.
If Bluetooth is on and your device is not recognized by Windows:
• Launch the Device Manager and search for the Bluetooth icon in the section where Network Adapters appear. If the device includes an exclamation parameter next to it, then you are required to reinstall the latest Lenovo Bluetooth drivers. Visit the official Lenovo site to download the latest drivers. You can gain info about the latest drivers by dialing the Lenovo helpline number Australia 1-800-894-139.
• Confirm that you have the latest Bluetooth drivers installed for your Lenovo PC/Laptop.
• Reboot your PC and let the Windows recognize and search for the latest Bluetooth drivers when it starts the processing.

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