Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Steps To Enable The Bluetooth On A Lenovo Laptop

Usually, Lenovo computers enable wireless service settings when FN-F5 is pressed. When you press the Lenovo Wireless Device settings your wireless settings will get enabled. However, there's an alternative if this function isn’t working. Interested readers can even take direct help by dialing the Lenovo helpline phone number Australia 1-800-894-139.

Step 1: Press Fn-F5 on the keyboard to allow the wireless settings to appear on the screen. Now, use your mouse cursor to choose ON to activate Bluetooth.

Step 2: Open PC settings from the Apps menu option and select PC and Devices for managing the Bluetooth device and settings.

Step 3: Click the highlight Bluetooth on the column appearing on the left side. Now wait until your PC searches for available Bluetooth devices. Ensure you have activated the Bluetooth visibility.

Step 4 :Click the device you wish to pair. Now enter the pairing code to display the paired devices.

Step 5: Alternatively, you can open the desktop and click Notifications/Bluetooth and display the menu of Bluetooth options.

Steps to troubleshoot Lenovo Bluetooth error

• Inspect to finalize that you have a Bluetooth button, which you need to turn on additionally to the   software menu setting.
• If your PC resumed from standby mode or it hibernated on its own, you may need to reactivate Bluetooth using the Fn-F5 keys.
If Bluetooth is on and your device is not recognized by Windows:
• Launch the Device Manager and search for the Bluetooth icon in the section where Network Adapters appear. If the device includes an exclamation parameter next to it, then you are required to reinstall the latest Lenovo Bluetooth drivers. Visit the official Lenovo site to download the latest drivers. You can gain info about the latest drivers by dialing the Lenovo helpline number Australia 1-800-894-139.
• Confirm that you have the latest Bluetooth drivers installed for your Lenovo PC/Laptop.
• Reboot your PC and let the Windows recognize and search for the latest Bluetooth drivers when it starts the processing.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How To Open BIOS setting In Lenovo Laptop?

Access BIOS (Basic Input Output System), a software which runs prior to Windows load time or Linux boot progress, you can also completely shut down the system from here. The BIOS is advanced firmware that runs the hardware programs on the Lenovo laptop. If you need detailed information about BIOS, then dial the Lenovo support number 1-800-894-139. The professionals are ready to assist you regarding all kinds of Lenovo hardware and software problems.

Steps to enter BIOS in Lenovo Laptop

Step 1: Shut down the laptop completely. Press the SHIFT Key when closing the Windows 8. The keypress overhauls the default hybrid shutdown and shuts down the laptop completely.
Step 2: System Restart - Press F1 for setup to restart the laptop or press F12 to boot the menu. Both, Setup utility and boot menu are the main sections of the BIOS interface, not the operating system.

Steps to disable fast startup

Step 1: Enter the control panel and click the power option
Step 2: Select "What the power option does"
Step 3: Select the SHUT DOWN option of power button and finally disable the FAST STARTUP
Point to remember: After you disable the fast startup, you can open the BIOS by restarting the PC normally and press F1 for the Setup Utility or F12 for Boot Menu.
Hopefully, the steps mentioned above will guide you with the process to enter the BIOS. Do not attempt to disable the BIOS, if you do not have complete technical knowledge about Lenovo products, then dial the Lenovo helpline number Australia. Once you are connected with certified technicians, your basic issues will be resolved within specified time. Before making the mind to consult independent tech support center, do refer the official website of Lenovo for instructional methods of resolving errors.

Monday, 4 January 2016

The Lenovo Helpline Australia Vs Other Support Types To Get Your Computer Or Laptop Fixed

A lot of people will refrain from using call center assistance because of previous bad experiences.  They think that these technicians will not be able to assist them effectively.  They are afraid of speaking with complete strangers.  They are also afraid that they might end up messing up their expensive devices even more than it already is. The truth is, helplines can often provide you with much better services and assistance than other computer repair methods.

Helplines Vs Google

A lot of people who are experiencing technical difficulties will search Google for advice and tutorials to solve their problems.  The problem with using Google is that it is loaded with advice from want-to-be technicians who actually have no clue of what they are doing.  Lenovo’s Helpline in Australia has a team of qualified technicians that can help you determine what the problem with your device is and will provide you with the correct steps to repair it.

Helplines Vs YouTube

YouTube is another wonderful source of DIY tutorials.  You can learn just about anything from YouTube and you can find effective help.  But you could also stumble onto a video tutorial that was created by someone who wants to harm others by misleading them. Lenovo Support Australia Number has a fantastic reputation of helping their clients effectively and does their utmost best to build healthy relationships with their clients.

Helplines Vs Repair Centers

Those who know that they can’t fix a problem themselves will give in their devices at Repair centers.  It is probably the safest thing you can do, but these technicians are often extremely expensive and will exploit you if you do not pay attention.  Ensure you get the right help by contacting Lenovo’s helpline in Australia first to see if you can save some money by fixing the problem yourself.

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