Thursday, 5 July 2018

Do you want to restore a Lenovo ThinkPad?

With this product, clients can totally organize and reestablish a PC to manufacturing plant defaults. This procedure demonstrates valuable when infections attack your gadget or some different issues cause the Windows working framework not to work appropriately. At the point when a PC is booted then recuperation programming is gotten too. If it's not too much trouble remember that this procedure obliterates all client information, accordingly, a client needs to take a reinforcement of exceptionally vital data previously beginning with this procedure. 
Lenovo has advanced into the most provincial and mechanical areas around the world. From the flexibility of workstations to the solid nature to the work areas, it has helped the universe of PC proficiency with moderate costs. To this end, it is important to give the main brand the best -specialized help possible.
Here are some steps offered by Lenovo Tech Support:
  • Restart or turn on your PC.
  • Press enter on the administration parcel; this message flies up on your screen for two seconds. In case, you missed this message at that point reboot and attempt once more. 
  • Next, select "Full Recovery" in the fundamental menu of administration parcel and you simply need to take after on-screen instructions to start recovery of your Device.
  • Restart your workstation and hold up until Windows to finish reinstallation of your product and drivers. Now, hold up until complete the reinstallation and restart you’re your device to finish the recuperation procedure. 
  • Now, reinstall any program and run Windows Update to ensure you installed its most recent security updates and insurance for your PC. Then, you can copy the moved down information on your hard drive.

These steps will help you to solve your problem, If there is another problem related to Lenovo then let us know, Lenovo Support Phone Number 1-800-921-376 our experts will defiantly help you to find out your solution within few minutes. Give us a chance to work for you. 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

What Are The Steps To Install Drivers On A Lenovo Laptop Manually?

Are you looking for the process to install drivers on your Lenovo laptop? Do you want to install drivers manually? Is your Lenovo laptop’s drivers not installing correctly? Do not worry as you have reached the right place to accomplish the goal. Lenovo Support assumes that you use Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer. Perform the following steps carefully:
Steps to download file:
• Give a click on the underlined file name. Once this is done, some pop-up windows will appear.
• Perform the instructions prompted on screen.
• Select Save, on the window to choose “Run” or “Save”.
• Select a folder you want to download file to and hit the Save button.
• A different window will appear on the screen and download will start.
• After some time you will a message showing the status of download: completed or failed.
Steps to Extract file:
• Log on with an admin account.
• Go to the folder where you downloaded and saved the file.
• Select the file and double-click it.
• Perform the on-screen instructions.
• Hit the Next button, in the Select Destination Location window. Click Browse, if you want to choose a different folder.
• Click Install in the ready to install window. All the necessary files will get extracted to the chosen folder.
Steps to install the files:
• Tick the check box besides “Install…now” and hit the Finish button.
• Perform the following on-screen instructions to complete the installation and then restart your laptop.
If you require any further information regarding installing drivers, you can contact our service providers. Any major or minor issue can easily be resolved by just dialing Lenovo Technical Support Australia 1-800-921-376. Our team of certified-technicians and engineers will resolve your issues using the latest technology with ease and comfort. Just connect with our experts for instant help.

Monday, 11 December 2017

What Are The Steps To Disable Auto Brightness On My Lenovo Laptop?

Lenovo laptops are paragon of sleek style and vigorous design. Hence, they have the most various systems in the market according to one’s pocket. With such wide variety, a support team also requires solving errors related to that particular system. You must have noticed the changes in display brightness by itself on the Lenovo laptop when using battery power. Read this blog to disable auto brightness:
• After starting your Lenovo laptop and log in as administrator and navigate to Windows start   menu.
• In the Search Programs and Files section, type Intel HD Graphics and press Enter key.
• Select the “Intel® HD Graphics” in the settings section and proceed to the next step.
• Now, from the Intel Graphics control panel, select Power option.
• The Power window opens up with few options; click On Battery from the left-hand pane.
• Now, go to the main pane and locate the option of Display Power Saving Technology.
• After doing this, select Disable and click Apply from the bottom-right of the screen.
• Select Yes button to accept the changes in the pop up.
• You’re done now! Close the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel window.
Whether the issue is related to operating system or applications; our experts are available to provide you with optimal repairs and troubleshoots. Give us a call at Lenovo Support Number Australia 1-800-752-629 to get optimal and satisfactory replacements for the Lenovo laptops. Customers don’t need to worry when our specialists are there to deliver the best solutions to the bloatware.  Our team is very speedy in solving technical errors as they are highly experienced and solve such issues daily, providing a complete satisfaction to the customers. We offer collective repairing, troubleshooting and replacement services to the customers for their convenience.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How To Check Battery Status On A Lenovo Laptop?

Being a Lenovo Laptop user, you may require checking the battery status of your laptop. This article helps you to see which application is consuming the power most and then you can save battery by closing them. Lenovo Support would like to inform you a new “Battery use” screen in Windows 10 will determine exactly what applications are draining your laptop’s power. So, perform the following steps to find this new feature in your system:
Find the Battery Use Screen:
• From the start menu click the Settings icon.
• Select System in the Settings sections and click on “Battery Saver”.
• Open the Battery Use link to see more details.
Analyze the Power Usage:
• You can change the battery use as per your requirement either for 24hrs, 48hrs or a week.
• Now under “System”, “Display” and “Wi-Fi” section you can see how much power is used by system processes.
• How much power is used by the specific application will be displayed under In use & Background options compared to the app running in the background.
• Open Change background app settings link if apps are using power in the background and configure applications to not to run in the background. This works for universal Windows 10 apps.
• To see a list of applications scroll down a little and you will find that this is the most useful section of this newly introduced feature. You will see here the list of apps using the power in the current period and will see the percentage consumed by each app.
We have shared all the necessary information, if still you face some difficulty or want any further guidance, Contact Lenovo Customer Support Australia 1-800-752-629. The team is very active in providing an instant solution to any Lenovo related problem. Feel free to make a call to technicians as they offer extremely good service to their customers. The well-skilled and highly experienced agents of the team value customers and treat them with ease and comfort. Customers get the satisfying answers from the experts.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

How To Troubleshoot USB Issues On Lenovo Laptop?

Lenovo laptops are comparatively cheaper in rates than other brands and it has a large number of service centers than other company. The build quality is very good inside its machine and it offers a large variety of models which can be chosen by a person according to his requirements. In most cases, some minor issues may arise after 2 years of purchasing the Lenovo laptop. However, it is not necessary but if in case you face some USB related problems, then reading this blog will help you.

It is important for every user to go through particular troubleshooting methods to detect and possibly fix that mess without professional assistance. One must try these troubleshooting steps before asking help from outside.

The instructions are as follows:

• First of all, remove all extension cables and switch box.

• Then you have to check if BIOS code is installed of latest version or not.

• Ensure that USB is enabled in the BIOS.

• Power on the laptop and press F1 key to enter the System Configuration utility.

• Make a click on Devices and I/O ports or you can select the tab named as Device, and then click USB.

• Check the USB controller and hub are shown in the list of Device Manager.

• Click Start button.

• Make a right click on Computer.

• Choose Properties which is titled at the end of the list.

• Select Device Manager from the left sidebar.

• Open Universal Serial Bus Controllers to verify the installed devices. If an exclamation mark is shown with the device name it means it is not working properly.

• Try the device to connect to all other USB ports.

• Ensure necessary power supplies are linked and working properly.

• Detach any hubs added to the configuration.

• Also, ensure that device drivers are installed on the system.

• Delete and reinstall USB drivers.

Lenovo makes quality based laptops but that doesn’t mean occasional issues do not arise. Read all the steps and test the USB device’s working, after performing each one. If you’re looking for more help, then you’re just a call away to contact Lenovo Technical Support Australia 1-800-752-629, which is a remedy for all the technical issues. We have a fantastic support with highly experienced phone agents and a useful site which can solve all the related Lenovo problems.   

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Steps To Enable The Bluetooth On A Lenovo Laptop

Usually, Lenovo computers enable wireless service settings when FN-F5 is pressed. When you press the Lenovo Wireless Device settings your wireless settings will get enabled. However, there's an alternative if this function isn’t working. Interested readers can even take direct help by dialing the Lenovo helpline phone number Australia 1-800-894-139.

Step 1: Press Fn-F5 on the keyboard to allow the wireless settings to appear on the screen. Now, use your mouse cursor to choose ON to activate Bluetooth.

Step 2: Open PC settings from the Apps menu option and select PC and Devices for managing the Bluetooth device and settings.

Step 3: Click the highlight Bluetooth on the column appearing on the left side. Now wait until your PC searches for available Bluetooth devices. Ensure you have activated the Bluetooth visibility.

Step 4 :Click the device you wish to pair. Now enter the pairing code to display the paired devices.

Step 5: Alternatively, you can open the desktop and click Notifications/Bluetooth and display the menu of Bluetooth options.

Steps to troubleshoot Lenovo Bluetooth error

• Inspect to finalize that you have a Bluetooth button, which you need to turn on additionally to the   software menu setting.
• If your PC resumed from standby mode or it hibernated on its own, you may need to reactivate Bluetooth using the Fn-F5 keys.
If Bluetooth is on and your device is not recognized by Windows:
• Launch the Device Manager and search for the Bluetooth icon in the section where Network Adapters appear. If the device includes an exclamation parameter next to it, then you are required to reinstall the latest Lenovo Bluetooth drivers. Visit the official Lenovo site to download the latest drivers. You can gain info about the latest drivers by dialing the Lenovo helpline number Australia 1-800-894-139.
• Confirm that you have the latest Bluetooth drivers installed for your Lenovo PC/Laptop.
• Reboot your PC and let the Windows recognize and search for the latest Bluetooth drivers when it starts the processing.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How To Open BIOS setting In Lenovo Laptop?

Access BIOS (Basic Input Output System), a software which runs prior to Windows load time or Linux boot progress, you can also completely shut down the system from here. The BIOS is advanced firmware that runs the hardware programs on the Lenovo laptop. If you need detailed information about BIOS, then dial the Lenovo support number 1-800-894-139. The professionals are ready to assist you regarding all kinds of Lenovo hardware and software problems.

Steps to enter BIOS in Lenovo Laptop

Step 1: Shut down the laptop completely. Press the SHIFT Key when closing the Windows 8. The keypress overhauls the default hybrid shutdown and shuts down the laptop completely.
Step 2: System Restart - Press F1 for setup to restart the laptop or press F12 to boot the menu. Both, Setup utility and boot menu are the main sections of the BIOS interface, not the operating system.

Steps to disable fast startup

Step 1: Enter the control panel and click the power option
Step 2: Select "What the power option does"
Step 3: Select the SHUT DOWN option of power button and finally disable the FAST STARTUP
Point to remember: After you disable the fast startup, you can open the BIOS by restarting the PC normally and press F1 for the Setup Utility or F12 for Boot Menu.
Hopefully, the steps mentioned above will guide you with the process to enter the BIOS. Do not attempt to disable the BIOS, if you do not have complete technical knowledge about Lenovo products, then dial the Lenovo helpline number Australia. Once you are connected with certified technicians, your basic issues will be resolved within specified time. Before making the mind to consult independent tech support center, do refer the official website of Lenovo for instructional methods of resolving errors.